Forthcoming research on the impact of support programs on survivors

The PRIO-ICART research team will publish results based on your survey of women in eastern DRC where we assess the impact of support programs for survivors of sexual violence. An article is forthcoming in Medicine, Conflict, and Survival 

In the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) there are several support programs for sexual violence survivors, but their impacts are rarely systematically assessed. We investigated the effects for women from two support programs that include both survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and others. Specifically, we estimated (i) the effect of SGBV on social exclusion and economic well-being, and (ii) the effects of support programs on social exclusion and economic well-being, as well as differential effects for SGBV survivors and others. Based on an original survey of 1,203 women, we found that survivors felt less included across various social settings, but their economic well-being was no different than that of other women. We also found that support programs significantly improve both perceived social inclusion and economic well-being for survivors and non-survivors. The effects on economic well-being were larger for survivors. In conclusion, these support programs brought important benefits to survivors and non-survivors alike, although there is potential for improvement, particularly on social inclusion for SGBV survivors.


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